Easy Come, Easy Dough.

We’ve redefined cookie dough with our vegan, gluten-free edibles.


premium cookie dough

Relax, unwind and melt away your tension with every yummy bite. Eat them raw, or bake them, for warm, gooey goodness. Non-psychoactive CBD-infused cookies provide the ultimate mouthful of countless benefits that satisfies your sweet tooth.



premium cookie dough

Unleash your creativity when you pop these in your mouth or bake them for warm gooey goodness. Vegan, gluten-free cookie dough. Our THC-infused recipe provides the ultimate mouthful of countless benefits (and giggles) while satisfying your sweet tooth.

You're one smart cookie!

nom. nom.

CannaBakka cookie dough is the only infused take-and-bake product that is gluten-free, vegan, non-GMO, nut-free and allergen-free. That’s a lot of freedom.

We’ve created a cookie that everyone can enjoy, no matter your diet or your personal preference. Created by legendary baker Natalia Barr, our cookies combine only the best ingredients to make a cookie that is truly delicious and nutritious in each and every ooey-gooey bite.

Coming winter 2019 to a dispensary near you!


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